The philosophy of our project centers mainly on the comfy and effortless styles made from high-quality materials and fabrics preferably in muted tones so you can wear them over the years. In collaboration with local artisans, we try to create unique pieces for your wardrobe.

We tend to a balance between simplicity and conceptuality, tendency and timelessness in design. However, minimalism is the core of our ideology. We are working with minimum waste and stockpiling and all our drops are produced in a limited quantity, some pieces are only made-to-order. This sustainable approach helps us create thoughtfully to the customer’s needs.

«Minimalism offers a life with less stress, less distraction, more freedom, and more time. All things that people today are desperately searching for more than ever. » – Kevin P. McClone (The Road to Joy: Eight Pathways of Psychospiritual Transformation)